We love machining



From our beginnings as a specialized precision turning, gear grinding and machining company, we have transformed into a technological partner in the development and manufacturing of mechanical components for leading manufacturers in widely varying fields of activity, at both domestic and international level.

Spirit of Improvement

Determination: this is the key to our development. From a perspective of Continuous Improvement and bearing in mind what our clients expect from us, we have historically renewed, readapted and focussed all our efforts, using service and competitiveness criteria.


Our commitment, based on a customer-centric approach and dedication to customer service, would not be possible without an acute awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility: we build a team and we train dedicated people, integrate our collaborators, suppliers and key opinion leaders.


The commitment towards the upskilling of our ever evolving human capital has enabled us to expand our geographical horizons from a domestic level to the leading international markets.


Engineering and product improvement, advanced production resources, process and manufacturing flow improvement, the integration of auxiliary sub-processes, logistics and purchase of materials, quality assurance and after sales service, all through a single contact.


We meet the needs of all the machining processes, CNC turning processes (automatic lathes with fixed or moveable heads) CNC milling processes (horizontal, vertical, 4º y 5º axis), gear grinding and cutting.


We offer our clients our technical engineering office to design their products with an aim to optimize costs, based on our know-how of production processes.


Technical support in product re-engineering, alternative materials research, mechanical functionality, product reliability and durability and metrology department.


We work as your technological partner, offering all our experience and acquired know-how, availing our strong liaison with the key technological sectors.


Equipped with a flexible structure, we respond to your needs, responding swiftly and effectively to any changes in the operating environment.

Investment in technology

A firm commitment to equip our machine pool with the latest technology available on the market.

Production quality

A commitment to continuous improvement and excellence. We work to the standards of our clients, under the strict control of our corporate subsystems.

Innovation in processes

Not only technical processes, but also innovation in management and quality processes, as well as in human resources.

Our own methodology

We work with a global management philosophy: LEAN MANUFACTURING, focussed on offering solutions to the client and maximizing customer satisfaction.

A view to the future

We react to change and anticipate the future needs of our clients.

Empathy towards the customer

We offer what the client wants, when needed, with the desired quality and at minimum cost.